[0] => Array
            [/market/index.html] => 现场招聘
            [/market/intro.html] => 市场介绍
            [/market/companynotice.html] => 企业须知
            [/market/personnotice.html] => 个人须知
            [/market/marketmap.html] => 交通指示

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            [/train/index.html] => 培训发展
            [/train/c+c.html] => 培训C+C
            [/train/course.html] => 课程超市
            [/train/hrmanagement.php] => 认证培训
            [/train/nx.html] => 企业内训
            [/train/e-learning.html] => 在线学习
            [/train/trainer.html] => 顾问讲师

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            [/stc/index.html] => 猎头服务
            [/stc/jobs.html] => 猎头职位
            [/stc/service.html] => 服务流程
            [/stc/assignments.html] => 成功案例
            [/stc/testimonials.html] => 客户评价

    [3] => Array
            [/labour/index.html] => 派遣服务
            [/labour/laborjobs.html] => 劳务派遣
            [/labour/laborjobs2.html] => 劳务中介
            [/labour/agent.html] => 人事外包

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            [/campus/] => 学生频道
            [/campus/201409/index.php] => 学生专场
            [/campus/201707/index.php] => 校园招聘
            [/campus/sxjd.html] => 实习基地
            [/gip] => 海外实习基地
            [/campus/school.html] => 院校风采

    [5] => Array
            [/eap/index.php] => 圆才EAP
            [/eap/index.html] => 圆才EAP

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            [/project/index.html] => 研发中心
            [/project/about.html] => 关于中心
            [/project/experts.html] => 专家团队
            [/project/marketing.html] => 市场活动
            [/project/contact.html] => 联系我们

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            [] => 公共服务
            [] => 公共服务

  Index Listing (Click for further details)

汽车 化工 快速消费品 / 食品、饮料 / 医药
纺织 / 成衣 酒店管理 信息技术 / 计算机 / 电信
制造 包装 贸易
  Industry Positions
A US Automotive Parts Manufacturer Project Manager
A Famous automotive parts industry HR Manager
Financial Manager
A Japanese automotive parts company Deputy General Manager
Production Manager
Quality Manager
Production Supervisor
Quality Supervisor
A Japanese-invested automotive brakes provider Production Supervisor
Quality Supervisor
Equipment Supervisor
A JV between Japan & Taiwan in automotive brakes HR & Admin. Manager
A Japanese automotive controllers manufacturer Purchasing Manager
Finance Manager
A World Leader in chemical industry Production Manager
Logistic Manager
Financial Manager
Technical Manager
HR Supervisor
A US Listed Specialty Chemical provider Finance Controller, China
Sales Manager, China
HR Manager, China
Customer Service Manager
   Fast Moving Consumer Goods / Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical
A Leading Confectionary Manufacturer Engineering Manager
Materials Manager
?HR Manager
GM Secretary
  A Japanese company in pharmaceutical field Production & QA Manager
Assistant to Plant Manager
QC Supervisor
  An American company engaged in pharmaceutical industry Utilities Supervisor
  A European Knitwear Maker General Manager
  A European Leading Embroidery Producer Finance Controller
Marketing Manager
   Hotel Management
A Premier Five-Star hotel, Suzhou Deputy General Manager
Finance Manager
HR Manager
Security Manager
GM Assistant
  A European Leading Technical Plastics Processor Global Sourcing Manager
Tooling Engineer
  A Global Leader in Tape Adhesive Industry Production Manager
Materials Manager
Quality Manager
Asst. Purchasing Manager
Financial Controller
  A US Listed Performance Material Manufacturer HR Manager
Senior Accountant
  A Global Leader in Air Tool Industry Project Engineer
  A European Leading Gear Manufacturer Finance & Admin Manager
Product and Process Engineer
  A US Company Producing Electronic Access Systems Deputy Plant Manager
  A US Company in the Industry of Environmental Technologies Senior Customer Service
Import/Export Officer
Technical Sales Engineer
A European Leading Hot Runner Provider Manufacturing Engineer
A US Company in Rubber Molding Field Accounting Manager
Facilities Supervisor
Personal Assistant to GM
  A US Company Producing Electronics Material Site Manager
One of the world market leaders in textile machinery General manager
BU treasury controller
An Australian company in marine industry Accounting manager
R & D Manager
An American Electronic Industry General Manager
Financial Manager
Warehouse Manager
Electronic Engineer
Quality Engineer
A Japanese company engaged in special glass industry Quality Manager
Production & Warehouse Supervisor
A JV between Japan & Korea in precision metal manufacturing Equipment Manager
Sales Manager
  A Japanese company specialized in electronic cables production Quality Manager
  A Japanese construction materials producer Planning Manager
Purchasing Manager
A Japanese company manufacturing sealing materials Quality Manager
  A Japanese manufacturer of air-conditioning compressor Production Manager
  A Japanese company dedicated to equipment manufacturing After-Sales Service Manager
  US Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Marketing Manager
Senior System Analyst
An International Buying Office Chief Representative
Sales Executive
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