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总经理/高层管理 财务、税务、审计类 行政、人事类 物流、采购类
生产、设备、质量类 计算机、信息管理类 客服、营销等 其他
  Automation Engineer 职位信息
职位名称:Automation Engineer
职位要求:1. Strong knowledge of robotics, automation, semi automation, manual assembling, equipment and processes;
2. Ability to identify problems and develop and implement actions to resolve them;
3. Strong technical skills in automation including mechanics, electrical engineering, control programming (PLC&PC control) and affiliated processes:
4. Strong knowledge on use and select of automatic component and device like as controller, sensor, cylinder, grip, motor etc..
5. Ability to use CAD to determine if tooling, equipment and part designs meet requirements;
6. Strong communication (verbal reading and writing) in Chinese and English;
7. Good sense of team work, self-motivated, adapt to work under pressure;
8. Good Document practice;
工作责任:1. Provide project concept development by authoring user requirement specification (URS), and quoting of automation in support of new business opportunities (information, quotes, concepts and cycle time);
2. Work as site automation representative, responsible for automation solution development, automation equipment/line transferring, introduction, troubleshooting and maintenance. Manage equipment installation activities at production facility;
3. Conduct validation and qualification by follow SAT, FAT, IQ, OQ & PQ principle;
4. Lead equipment design reviews with a cross-functional team of persons from Engineering, Automation, Quality and Maintenance to ensure best attributes are included in equipment concepts;
5. Provide FAT leadership at equipment vendor locations working directly with equipment vendor and Phillips-Medisize team to ensure equipment meets all URS and GAMP specifications, documenting performance gaps and managing vendors contingency plans to resolve before acceptance of equipment;
6. Develop equipment process parameters to ensure all products meet customer’s specifications, using DOE methodology as needed;
7. Implement systems procedures that assure compliance with Quality Standards, as well as EHS standard;
8. Train engineers, technicians, line leaders and Operators on automation related technology in according to the WI/procedures;
9. Prepare concept presentatoins for customers;
10. Supports Sourcing Engineer in auditing automation suppliers;
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