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总经理/高层管理 财务、税务、审计类 行政、人事类 物流、采购类
生产、设备、质量类 计算机、信息管理类 客服、营销等 其他
  Operations Manager Hard Services 职位信息
职位名称:Operations Manager Hard Services
职位要求:Required Qualifications:
The candidate should possess an undergraduate degree in engineering, facility management or a related discipline.
He or she should have at least 5 years of experience in a mid-size service or professional organization of similar scope and scale, preferably including experience relevant to the field of managing high standard commercial buildings, campus wide facilities, international education or hospitality industry.
Track record should evince the candidate’s depth and breadth in managing service providers and preferably with hands-on knowledge on MEP systems.
The incumbent should be a person with detail in mind but still has a good view of big picture.
Quick leaner, can work under pressure and have sense of urgency when working on a tight project timeline.
Familiar with MS Office software, especially in Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
Good English proficiency, ability to write and speak English is strongly preferred.
工作责任:The Operations Manager will be primarily responsible for managing the Hard Services (MEP/Building and Infrastructure Related) as well as betterment projects related with operations. Based on requirement, the Operations Manager may also need to manage part of Soft Services, such as Catering, Security, Cleaning, Landscaping, Workspace planning etc. These responsibilities will include the following:
Support planning and execution of University’s operating process and procedures, monitor service standards of all service providers based on the SLAs and/or related contractual terms.
Work closely with University’s integrated facility management vendor on matters that are related to campus Hard Service.
Taking leadership on the sustainability of campus operations, continuously optimize the existing SOPs to increase the efficiency of current resources and achieve the target of energy saving.
Managing the stock of equipment, consumables and spare parts, to maintain the stock in a reasonable level.
Taking an active role in the handing over and acceptance of new facilities in the future.
Review KPIs and monthly billings of all tier-2 service vendors to ensure accurate booking of the related costs. Monitor the utilization of assigned fund codes for budget control.
Work as part of a 24/7 emergency response team at DKU in case of urgent matters related to campus facility/operations.
Propose, review operations related projects and oversee external vendors on quality control
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