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总经理/高层管理 财务、税务、审计类 行政、人事类 物流、采购类
生产、设备、质量类 计算机、信息管理类 客服、营销等 其他
  Operations Manager Campus Services 职位信息
职位名称:Operations Manager Campus Services
职位要求:Required Qualifications:
A university degree in business related majors, Master’s preferred but not required. Candidates with oversea education experience will be a plus.
8+ years of work experience in managing service-oriented businesses or having a managerial role in facility management.
Able and willing to work with people from different part of the world.
Proven ability to effectively coordinate multiple programs and initiatives.
Problem solver, independent learner, even for areas that are previously not familiar with.
Demonstrate employee development and performance management skills.
Excellent proficiency in Chinese and English, both verbal and in writing.
工作责任:Essential Duties:
The Operations Manager will be responsible for providing solutions to meet University strategies and managing campus services, such as catering, cleaning, housing, landscaping, transportation, conference and events services, etc. These responsibilities will principally include the following:
Optimize University strategy on campus services, plan and execution of University operations’ process and procedures, manage and improve related policies and SOPs
In charge of the following campus services, including but not limited to cleaning, catering, landscaping, transportation/campus fleet, campus store, helpdesk, mailing & general supplies, space management, event & conference support, university asset management.
Manage campus services team and develop team ability by work structure/assignment optimization, performance setting/evaluation and organizing team training.
Communicate with internal customers to collect feedback and make adjustments to service levels/standards if required.
Be responsible for the KPIs and monthly billings of related service vendors to ensure accurate booking of the related costs. Monitor the utilization of assigned fund codes for cost tracking and control. Provide support on annual budget preparation.
Provides solutions and options to meet new University strategies and goals.
Maintain appropriate professional development, expertise, and awareness.
Undertake other tasks and responsibilities as assigned.
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